About Us

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Bright Horizon Resources is the only service of its kind in the United States offering hope and support to those coping with addiction following an injury.  Sufferers of chronic pain and severe injuries often have no relief of their pain except through long-term opiate based pain management.  Tragically, this often results in addiction or even loss of life.  

Attorneys have long been aware of the emotional and psychological effects of severe injuries their clients face.  Increasingly, the dangerous life consequences and outcomes posed by addiction after an injury are becoming clearer.  Now, Bright Horizon Resources offers a unique solution for attorneys and their clients.

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Insurance companies and negligent or reckless third parties who caused injuries can drag litigation on for years.

It is the injured person who suffers when they cannot get the help and support they need. We are all about creating a better life and a better client for the attorneys who represent them.

There is a solution when your client is lost in the depths of addiction. Bright Horizon Resources can bring hope and success back to your client and support their case through recovery and the evidence that will help juries understand their addiction.

Our Company History

Our founders have experience in addiction recovery services, personal injury  litigation, legal funding, medical spaces and leveraged that knowledge to develop a unique and visionary solution for people with personal injuries who need addiction treatment.

Our Team

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The Bright Horizon Resources Team brings years of experience across many different fields together for this one of a kind solution to revive your client and your case!


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Our Testimonial

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Listen to what some of our best clients have to say about the services we provide, how we provided a second chance to their clients and brought value and success to their cases.